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Paint Drops

How to Apply

For Artist Certification

If you are an artist, and are looking to apply with the Artist preference. You must first have your certificate issued by the City of New Rochelle.

As defined by the City of New Rochelle zoning code, an Artist is:

An individual who practices one of the fine, design, graphic, musical, culinary, literary, technological or
performing arts; or an individual whose profession relies on the application of the above-mentioned skills
to produce a unique creative product; e.g. an architect, craftsperson, chef, photographer, teacher of
art/music/dance, or other qualified individual, as certified by the Municipal Art Commission.

Application Process

Interested applicants may access the Artist Certification application by using the link below. The
following items are required to be submitted along with a completed application form:

• Artist Resume
• (3) Letters of Recommendation (reflecting artistic skills/talent/work)
• 3-5 representative examples of artwork

Applications should be submitted to both contacts below:

Jorge Ventura Ovalles 
Senior Real Estate Development Manager

Application for Housing Lottery

Application link is below, you may deliver the completed application to Housing Action Council, via mail, in person or email as stated on the application. 

Income Limitations

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