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Dive into a nurturing community of fellow artists at the Atelier, where communal spaces offer opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, or draw inspiration from a collective creative energy.

Studio Spaces

Our studio spaces, located within the building, offer adjustable layouts and sizes. Whether you need room for large canvases and sculptures, an intimate space for a darkroom, or an intricate setup for digital creation, the Atlier provides a wide range of private workshop options in addition to a common area for all.


This rooftop lounge is more than just a part of the building; it is a highlight of the Atelier, offering residents and their guests a perfect blend of style, comfort, and community. Offering panoramic views of downtown New Rochelle and the Hudson, the rootop lounge is an ideal venue for social gatherings, private parties, or a quiet evening under the stars. A gas grill, abundant lounge seating, and a dining area provide a unique and memorable experience that makes the most of the Atelier's suburban-urban setting.


Designed to cater to the health and wellness needs of its residents, the gym at the Atelier features a multitude of free weights, cardio equipment and weight training machines. A standout feature of the gym is the inclusion of a Peloton bike, which offers a variety of live and on-demand classes - effectively blending the convenience of in-home workouts with the community aspect of a gym environment.

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